Jim Simmons has been in the business of creating still photography for over 30 years. Born in Santa Monica, he grew up in West Los Angeles. At age 15 he bussed tables and washed dishes to earn money to buy a 35mm SLR camera. After majoring in Fine Art at Santa Monica College and Cal State Long Beach he began a long association with two "graduates" of the Office of Charles and Ray Eames: photographer and audio-visual producer Annette Del Zoppo, and graphic designer Deborah Sussman and her husband and partner Paul Prejza. Jim's work there included graphic art production, illustration, design, and photography which by the mid 1990's became his primary pursuit and he soon started his own business. In 2019 Jim returned from six years of living in Oakland, CA and is now based in Venice, CA. Clients are predominantly in the fields of architecture, design, retail, real estate and commercial development.